Mission Statement

Our Mission

At WeddingPearl.com, our mission is to provide you with a custom, high-end, luxury wedding website for you, your family and friends to enjoy for a lifetime.

Everything we do at WeddingPearl.com, from the way we engineered our website, to listening to your feedback, to the way we protect your privacy and the way we communicate with you is designed around giving you the best wedding website possible.  We know that you have a lot going on preparing and coordinating your wedding and are putting your trust in us to provide you with a high quality website that compliments your wedding.  In turn, we have an obligation to you to make your experience with WeddingPearl.com wonderful.

Most of the WeddingPearl.com staff is married and understands what works and what doesn’t about wedding websites.  After thousands of successful websites and years as a successful technology company we do not hesitate to tell you that our product, our service and our offering is the best in the industry.  What’s more, we continue to lead the way in new technologies to make your website even better!

This is our mission.