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Don’t Be a Bridezilla!

Wedding Drama is a drain on the bride, the groom, the parents, and friends. It will turn an otherwise memorable occasion into a nightmare everyone will soon want to forget. The key to prevent the wedding drama, now known as bridezilla behavior, is careful planning and an easygoing attitude. Here are some tips you can use to make your wedding well planned and carefree:

Simplicity Planning:

Kiss stands for more than the action required after the vows. It means “Keep It Simple, Stupid! Seriously, the more complicated and elaborate your wedding plans are, the greater the chance that something will go wrong. If something goes wrong, then you, the bride will have a greater chance of losing your cool. Do not go over board. This means:

•Do not buy a dress you have to lose weight to get into, because you may not fit.

•Purchase wedding attire in which you will feel comfortable. Keep the train to a reasonable length, and make sure the veil or tiara is manageable.

•Do not buy a cake that resembles the Eiffel Tower, or it might become the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

•Do not agonize over foods and do not choose exotic foods or delicacies. You are not trying to impress your guests, just feed them.

•Do not bother with doves or any other live creature, as they are unpredictable.

•Keep your wedding attendants down to a reliable few.

•Do not try to plan everything yourself. Give small specific jobs to family members who are dying to be involved.

•You only need one limousine. Do not get cars for the whole wedding party. They can arrive in their own cars.

•Wear your hair in a style you can do yourself, and if you don’t know how, learn to do your own makeup.

•If possible, hire a wedding planner to do all the worrying. The less you are aware of on your wedding day, the better.

Being Proactive:

You can avoid problems by planning for them. Make is list of everyone involved in the wedding plans from relatives to paid professionals. Call them on a monthly basis from 1 year to 6 months before the wedding to check in. Then call them every two weeks until 1 month before the wedding. The final month, call them weekly. Then call once more two days before the wedding. This calling schedule will keep you and your wedding at the forefront of their priority list. Even if you say nothing more than “Hello, I just wanted to check in. I am so excited about the wedding”, you will be sure no one will procrastinate on their duties. As for paid professionals, Have a list of requirements ready and as the date gets closer you, can check on specific details that should have been completed.

Having a Plan 2:

You plan, and you plan, and something goes wrong. I do not know who Murphy is, but it is his law. Having a back up plan will go a long way. Here are some things you can do save you in a pinch:

•Buy a case or two of disposable cameras, or have several digital cameras ready in case the photographer is late or just lousy.

•Have an Ipod or two loaded with your favorite love and dance songs in case the DJ is late, a no-show, or gets drunk. Have something you can plug the Ipod into if necessary.

•If you do not own one, rent a very nice car the day of the wedding as a limousine back up, Better yet, forget the limousine and rent a Luxury car you can drive yourself.

•Ask your favorite family cooks make up some large dishes for you. Let them know it is “just in case” If the food is not up to par, or there are problems with the caterer they will know what to do. If the food does not get used, plan for an impromptu family gathering the next day, even if it will be in your absence.

•Have a needle and thread ready in case last minute alterations

•Have a backup wedding and reception location. Be prepared to get married on your front lawn, or to have the reception in the church gathering hall. You never know if the church will have an emergency, or If a storm will interrupt your lawn reception.

Rolling with the Punches

Attitude is everything. If you expect problems, you will have problems. Make fun of what you can, and ignore the rest. Once the day of the wedding arrives, there is very little you or anyone else can do to fix the unexpected.

When it is OK to share a few tears:

Any tears you shed on your wedding day, should be tears of joy!


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